The Leaf series is for those who like compact and lightweight readers with larger displays than most e-readers. So, the screen diagonal of Leaf and Leaf 2 is 7 inches, and in practice the difference with the classic 6-inch E Ink displays is significant: a 7-inch screen fits almost a third more text than a 6-inch one. The resolution is proportionally higher: 1264 by 1680 pixels, which corresponds to 300 ppi.

The first model of the Leaf series turned out to be quite popular, and therefore ONYX decided to release an update this year - the Leaf 2 reader. It differs significantly from its predecessor in design: for example, the novelty received built-in side paging buttons, and the dimensions and weight remained almost unchanged. In addition, the Leaf 2 has a microSD card slot, which the first Leaf did not have, and the Android version has become more recent: 11 instead of 10. True, the Leaf 2 uses a slightly less powerful processor, but for its e-reader performance is sufficient.

It is worth adding that among the most important reasons to buy ONYX BOOX Leaf 2 is proprietary software that allows you to read books, documents and comics in a variety of formats, fine-tune the display of text to your tastes, use online translators and various kinds of dictionaries while reading, as well as highlight text in different ways and add annotations. This device also has an Internet browser, a player, utilities for wireless file transfer and an Email client, since there are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules on board. You can install additional applications, including those from Google Play; however, not all programs are compatible with E Ink screens.

In the end, it should be noted that ONYX BOOX Leaf 2 in a black case is supplied with a protective glass over the screen, while ONYX BOOX Leaf 2 in a white case does not. Related to this is the difference in weight: the white Leaf 2 is 15 grams lighter than the black Leaf 2.

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