The main advantages: wide functionality, high-quality 7.8-inch screen, fast processor and a solid cover included.

Devices with 7.8-inch E Ink displays are consistently in good demand because this is a very convenient form factor: such a display fits much more text or other content than a 6-inch one, but the dimensions of the reader can be quite modest and the weight is small. ONYX BOOX KON-TIKI 2 attracts many users just by this successful combination of a large usable screen area and a relatively compact and lightweight body.

Many other reasons can be given in favor of buying ONYX BOOX KON-TIKI 2, but we will only point out the main advantages of the model. The screen here is not only quite large, but also clear, high-quality, with excellent resolution: 1872 * 1404 pixels. It is complemented by a capacitive touchscreen and a backlight made using Flicker-Free technology and adjustable not only in brightness, but also in hue. Such a backlight does not flicker at all, does not tire the eyes and allows you to read comfortably in very different lighting conditions.

We add that ONYX BOOX KON-TIKI 2 is equipped with a productive 8-core processor and therefore is suitable for reading even very voluminous books. The software here is very good and functional, with many useful options and settings. In addition, the advantages of the model include the Android 10 operating system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 modules, a USB Type-C port with OTG support, a speaker and a microphone, and a great cover included. Note, however, that you should not buy this reader with an eye to using it as a multimedia tablet: the E Ink screen displays only 16 shades of gray and has a long response time, that is, devices equipped with it are poorly suited for web surfing and are not suitable, for example , for watching and editing videos, and for the vast majority of games.

Some potential buyers must have wondered how ONYX BOOX KON-TIKI 2 differs from its predecessor, ONYX BOOX KON-TIKI. There are not so many differences: the presence of a speaker, a more modern processor, a newer version of Bluetooth and a more recent version of Android (10, not 9). In other words, if you already have an ONYX BOOX KON-TIKI, then it is unlikely that you will want to change it to a new model.

Screen diagonal 7.8"
Screen E Ink Carta Plus
Processor Android 10.0
Features Screen backlight • Touch screen • Wi-Fi module • Built-in speaker • Bluetooth • Case included
Screen resolution 1872x1404, 300 ppi
Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Lit-Pol 3150 мАh
Factory specifications
Warranty period 1year
Size / Weight
Size 197.3 × 137 × 7.7 мм
Weight 260 г / 370 г (case)


  • Brand: Onyx
  • Product Code: KON-TIKI 2
  • Availability: In Stock

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