The ONYX BOOX Poke 3 model has been a bestseller for many months, but since it seems expensive to some potential buyers, ONYX decided to release a cheaper version, which was called the ONYX BOOX Poke 4 Lite. This is also a very good reader, and for most users, in our opinion, it will suit perfectly.
Why buy ONYX BOOX Poke 4 Lite?
The novelty is equipped with a high-quality 6-inch E Ink Carta screen, complemented by MOON Light 2 backlight and a convenient touchscreen that is controlled by fingers and supports various multi-touch gestures. The display resolution here is lower compared to the Poke 3 (1024*758 pixels, not 1448*1072), but, as practice shows, it will be enough for most buyers. We add that ONYX BOOX Poke 4 Lite runs on Android 11, supplemented by the ONYX proprietary shell with a powerful Neo Reader 3.0 reader and other useful applications, including a browser, an E-mail client and the Dictionary program, to which you can connect online translators , as well as a variety of dictionary databases in the StarDict format. There is also the possibility of wireless file transfer to the device using the send2boox service and the built-in Wi-Fi module. In addition, using the Bluetooth 5.0 module, you can listen to music and audio books by connecting wireless headphones or speakers to the reader.
What is the difference between ONYX BOOX Poke 4 Lite and other ONYX BOOX six-inch readers?
From the ONYX BOOX Poke 3 model, the Poke 4 Lite reader differs in a screen with a lower resolution, the absence of an ASAHI protective glass and a microphone, a more recent version of Android (11, not 10), a less powerful processor, and a smaller amount of internal memory (16 GB, and not 32 GB). In addition, it is worth noting that the Poke 4 Lite does not come with a cover that comes with Poke 3 SE (however, the standard version of Poke 3 is also sold without a cover). From the ONYX BOOX Darwin 8, Volta 3, Livingstone, Faust 3, Faust 4 and Vasco da Gama 4 models, the Poke 4 Lite reader differs in case design, ergonomics, weight and dimensions; in addition, it has more RAM and internal memory, a more powerful processor, a much more recent version of the Android operating system (11, not 4.4), a more advanced Wi-Fi module (with support for 5 GHz networks) and a more recent version of Bluetooth ( 5.0, not 4.1). On the other hand, unlike the Darwin 8, Volta 3, Livingstone, Faust 3 and Faust 4, the Poke 4 Lite does not come with a cover or microSD card slot. It also does not have a 3.5 mm audio output, which the Darwin 8 reader can boast of. In addition, the screen resolution of Poke 4 Lite is less than the screen resolution of Darwin 8, Livingstone and Faust 4. Finally, the battery capacity of Poke 4 Lite is half that battery capacities of Darwin 8, Volta 3, Livingstone, Faust 3, Faust 4 and Vasco da Gama 4.

Screen diagonal 6"
Screen E Ink Carta
Front light MOON Light 2
Processor 4 cores, 2 GHz
Color White
Features Screen backlight • Touch screen • Wi-Fi module • Bluetooth
OS Android 11
RAM 2 gb
Internal memory 16 gb
Screen resolution 758 × 1024
Headphone jack No
Wired interface USB Type-C OTG
Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Litium-pol, 1500 mAh
Supported file formats
Factory specifications
Warranty period 1 year
Size / Weight
Size 153 × 107 × 7,1 mm
Weight 150 gr
Complete set
Complectation E-book ONYX BOOX Poke 4 Lite User's manual USB cable Warranty card The manufacturer has the right to make changes to the appearance, specifications and configuration of the device without prior notice.

Poke 4 Lite (White)

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